Leadership training at the Department of Criminal Justice Training is a critical component of preparing leaders for the unique challenges they face at all levels of law enforcement leadership. DOCJT works to meet leadership needs from a foundational level in Basic Training, teaching officers the importance of their roles in the community as leaders. As officers progress through the ranks in their agencies, courses are available to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to aid them

Among a variety of courses are four pillar programs that have become statewide traditions in law enforcement leadership. They are:

Academy of Police Supervision (APS)

APS is the first course in leadership development for sergeants or first-line supervisors. The learning outcomes for this course will be for students to apply situational leadership and demonstrate an understanding of constitutional and administrative law, emotional and social intelligence, change, ethical decision making, problem solving, emotional survival, and public speaking into their role as a supervisor

Criminal Justice Executive Development (CJED)

The purpose of CJED is to provide students with contemporary theories, management techniques and leadership skills enabling them to perform more effectively and efficiently in their positions as community leaders. The law enforcement functional areas addressed include problem identification, analysis and solving; personnel administration; operations and fiscal management; policies and procedures; legal concerns; and organizational behavior/culture. An application is required for this course.

Current Leadership Issues for Mid-Level Executives (CLIME)

This course is designed for mid-level executives with an emphasis on current leadership issues. It includes a Kentucky law enforcement update, legal update and guest speakers from around the state and nation. It is geared for mid-level executives who have completed the basic leadership courses offered and need annual updates to maintain proficiency. The learning outcomes for this course will be for the student to identify the most current leadership, administrative and legal issues confronting mid-level managers within a law enforcement agency.

Police Executive Command Course/Sheriff’s Executive Command Course (PECC/SECC)

This course is designed for Kentucky police chiefs, sheriffs, directors and their executive staff. The curriculum, which is updated annually, addresses the most current leadership, administrative and legal issues confronting law enforcement executives.


  • Leadership is a Behavior: Three years of peace officer service after Basic Training. APS graduates and those with the rank of supervisor and above will not be permitted to enroll in this class.

  • Collaborative Leadership: Should have completed the Leadership is a Behavior course or, if sergeant or above, Academy of Police Supervision, or equivalent.

  • Academy of Police Supervision: Offered to sergeants and first-line supervisors. Due to demand, no corporals or persons on a promotion list will be admitted.

  • Values Based Leadership: Must have graduated from Academy of Police Supervision or be a mid-level executive (lieutenant/captain) in employing agency.

  • Criminal Justice Executive Development: This program is structured for small- to medium-size law enforcement agency administrators and managers. Participants must have graduated the Academy of Police Supervision. Recommended to have completed Situational Leadership for Supervisors & Managers (32-hour course) prior to attendance of first CJED Session. Exceptions to any of the prerequisites must be approved by the Leadership Section Supervisor on a case-by-case basis. The CJED Leadership Association Officers review all applications and recommends the selection of attendees.

  • Current Leadership Issues for Mid-Level Executives: Lieutenants, captains and majors (those assigned below the level of deputy chief, chief deputy or assistant director) and first-line supervisors who are graduates of CJED, School of Strategic Leadership, Southern Police Institute’s Administrative Officers Course, FBI National Academy, Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command, or Institute for Law Enforcement Administration’s Management College are eligible for this course. Deputy/assistant chiefs, chief deputy sheriffs, assistant directors and above are not eligible for this course. They should enroll in the Police Executive Command Course.

  • Police Executive Command Course: Police chiefs, sheriffs, directors and their next immediate highest rank, who serve in the capacity of assistant chief/deputy chief, chief deputy or assistant director.


September 27, 2019 @ 11:00 AM
Posey Auditorium

December 13, 2019 @ 11:00 AM
Posey Auditorium


Chip White
Training Section Supervisor

Ed Lingenfelter
Training Instructor III

Catherine Eaves
Training Instructor I

Sandy Forseth
Training Instructor I

Steven Herold
Training Instructor I

Amy Robertson
Administrative Specialist III

Brooke Norton
Administrative Specialist III


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