When an individual becomes a certified law enforcement officer in the state of Kentucky, he or she takes the rights and liberties of the Commonwealth’s citizens into their own hands. With that in mind, it is incumbent upon the DOCJT Legal Training staff to ensure that officers throughout the state are knowledgeable in various aspects of criminal law, search and seizure principles, vehicle offenses, offenses related to driving under the influence, juvenile law, and evidence, for example.

DOCJT’s Legal Training Section is an integral part of the Law Enforcement Basic Training curriculum, ensuring recruits learn and understand hundreds of laws during their time in the academy. Additionally, Legal Training staff provide training blocks in the majority of in-service training and provide legal updates to serve a variety of client needs.

The Legal Training Section also is responsible for compiling, producing and distributing the Kentucky Criminal Law Manual, one of the many resources the section provides. Legal Training staff are devoted to client service and make themselves available to provide resources and respond to legal questions from law enforcement agencies regarding changes in statutes based upon legislative acts or recent court decisions.

Questions about legal issues affecting law enforcement officers in their official capacity can be addressed by phone to 859-622-3801, or by e-mail.


Douglas W. Barnett
Training Section Supervisor

Kelley L. Calk
Staff Attorney III

Shawn Herron
Staff Attorney III

Jenny Reed
Staff Attorney III

Michael Schwendeman
Staff Attorney III

David Smith
Staff Attorney III


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