The Department of Criminal Justice Training academies offer rigorous training in a structured environment. Steeped in tradition, DOCJT academy leaders are committed to upholding values of integrity, honor, commitment, ethics and professionalism. To meet these goals, academy recruits are held to strict standards in the Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy, Public Safety Dispatch Academy and the Certified Court Security Officer Academy.

While attending any DOCJT academy, students’ days are tightly scheduled with training courses and practicums. Most courses are offered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with exceptions for items like early start physical training or evening low-light courses.

Both Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy recruits and Public Safety Dispatch Academy students are required to stay in dorms during their training Monday through Friday. Dorm residents must maintain a cleanly room, which is inspected. Recruits are allowed to go home on weekends.

Meals and lodging are provided to all students at no charge to them.

Class representatives are assigned per academy class and other leadership roles are offered to recruits and students. Academies require multiple exams throughout the courses to meet graduation requirements. Instruction is offered through multiple techniques founded in adult-based learning.

DOCJT staff are here to help students succeed. The academies are designed to offer exceptional training to prepare officers and dispatchers for their duties at home. They are not designed to “weed out” students who are not up to the task. However, DOCJT instructors and class coordinators will push students to reach their highest potential throughout their academy training.