The Educating Heroes Career Advancement Program (CAP) is a voluntary program that recognizes law enforcement officers in-service training and experience during their career and correlates with college credit. Achievement awards are presented to law enforcement officers in the educational paths of patrol, investigations, criminology, juvenile justice, leadership, and management.

The CAP encourages officers to continue their collegiate career through organized in-service training, which results in articulated credit in a bachelors degree program. It assists them in achieving training and educational goals. To earn an achievement award, officers must take specific core training courses and/or courses that teach them a specific skill on 4 proficiency levels: novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert. In addition, they must also meet requirements for years of experience, educational attainment through college credits, or by accumulating articulated college credit hours through a point system provided by DOCJT from annual training.

For those in management, it can assist them in building a comprehensive and organized training plan for their agency, help in the planning and envisioning of future personnel needs and be a factor in the recruitment and retention of professional officers.

The CAP can assist agencies during their promotional process, offer educational pay incentives, and allow officers to obtain college credit through professional development at select universities. This type of organized in-service training is designed to upgrade the knowledge, skills, and ability of employees to help them assume greater responsibility in higher positions. The training is arranged for success at all levels, for their own continuing education and professional development.



April O’Dea
Justice Program Administrator

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Justice Program Administrator

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Justice Program Administrator


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