The Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons (CCDW) program allows citizens to carry a concealed weapon with a permit. DOCJT prepares trainers and instructors who teach CCDW courses across the commonwealth and provides applicants proof of training through certification before obtaining their permit through the licensing agency, Kentucky State Police.

How to obtain a CCDW License

  • Select an instructor or trainer from DOCJT’s list, which is organized by county, and enroll in a course.

  • After the course is complete, the instructor will mail the applicant’s application form and test answer sheet to DOCJT’s CCDW office within five business days. DOCJT will process the application and send the applicant a “Certificate of Completion of Training” within 15 business days if they passed the course. Certificates denoting training completion are good for life. Applicants never have to repeat the course unless they choose to unless they received incomplete or insufficient training.

  • To obtain their permit, applicants can present the certificate to their local sheriff’s office (keeping the original certificate for personal records) and fill out an application. They will be required to make two payments: $40 to the Kentucky State Treasurer (for the cost of license and background check) and $20 the sheriff’s department (plus a photo charge).


    They may apply online at, click CCDW Online and follow the prompts. $50 will be paid online via debit or credit card and $20 to the sheriff’s office when the permit is picked up after background checks are completed.

  • After either method of application is made to the KSP CCDW Permit Office; a background check is conducted, which will take approximately three to six weeks. Upon completion of the background, the applicant will receive a notification advising them of a date when their permit will be available at their sheriff’s office. Permits are not mailed to applicants homes. Applicants should bring the notification with them to retrieve their permit, which is good for five years.

CCDW Renewal

If CCDW license holder remains in the same residence, they will receive renewal notification from KSP Permit Office. License holders should advise KSP CCDW Permit Office of any address changes.

Renewal applications can be completed online at or by taking the renewal notification to a local sheriff’s office.

If license holders fail to recertify after their five-year certification has run out, KSP will purge their license from their system, and they will need to begin the application process over again by presenting a duplicate CCDW training certificate to reapply at the sheriff’s office or online.


Duplicate Training Certificates

To obtain a duplicate training certificate from the DOCJT CCDW office, email or call 859-622-2299. Applicants will be asked to give their name, social security number and current mailing address.

Trainer/Instructor Certification

DOCJT maintains a list of approximately 1,700 trainers and instructors with active CCDW licenses. Trainers may teach instructors as well as applicant classes, while instructors may only teach applicant classes. All training must be conducted within Kentucky.

DOCJT’s CCDW office notifies instructors and trainers of expired or nearly expired CCDW licenses. Additionally, to stay certified to teach, instructors must give or assist with one class per three-year period.

For more up-to-date information, including trainer fees, regulations and penalties, see KRS 237.


Susan Dunaway
Program Coordinator


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