Law enforcement officers in Kentucky are required to complete 40 hours of KLEC certified continuing education classes every year to maintain their certification. Public Safety Dispatchers are required to complete 8 hours of KLEC certified in-service training a year. Court Security Officers are required to complete 40 hours of biennial KLEC certified in-service training. The Department of Criminal Justice Training offers more than 200 in-service classes in approximately 90 different course areas each year that encompass a wide variety of topics from which to choose. Those topics include:

  • Firearms

  • Vehicle operations

  • Patrol procedures

  • Investigations

  • Tactical

  • Leadership

  • Legal

  • Defensive tactics

  • Public Safety Dispatch

  • Coroners

  • Court Security Officers

Many of the courses fill up quickly and are available on a first-come, first served basis. To help facilitate class sign-ups, agencies are encouraged to keep officers’ rank and titles updated in the Acadis system.


The course book gives an outline of every in-service class DOCJT offers. The book is published on DOCJT’s website every November and has information for the upcoming year’s in-service trainings, including course descriptions, training locations and dates offered.


To sign-up for in-service classes, visit DOCJT’s Acadis system.


Some of the in-service courses require prerequisites. For example, the DEA Basic Narcotics Investigator’s class requires that those taking the class must be a part of their agency’s drug unit or a member of a drug task force. The Acadis system will identify those courses that require prerequisites.

The Criminal Justice Executive Development (CJED) course and the Kentucky Criminalistics Academy (KCA) require the submission of resumes and cover letters as selection to these classes are determined by a panel for inclusion to the class.


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